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We understand and cater to the academic needs of an ardent student as well as his/her pocket.
Get New/Used textbooks at an affordable price.
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Browse Textbooks

Search for your awesome textbook from our wide selection of textbooks.If you don’t find it, let us know, we’ll get it for you. After all,you are our "precious" ☺!

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Choose a seller.

You have the power to choose who to buy from.Be it the price or condition of the textbook or if the seller is cute, so on, go ahead and make your pick! *Choose wisely*.

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Guaranteed Delivery

Now that you’ve bought/rented your textbooks, sit back and relax because the textbook(s) is on its way to your doorstep. Learning however is ALL to you!

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Return or sell them

Have no place for textbook you just finished? Sell here!Loved the textbook you rented but sadly have to part way?Cheer up! You’re getting money back!

How it works

Do you have stacks of brilliant textbooks that others must lay their hands on?
Well, congratulations! Now you can!
Sell or rent out textbooks, along with the liberty to set prices for the same, across India.

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You have found the ultimate portal through which you can reach buyers all over the country. You are not only registering to sell, but registering for happiness.

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Upload the book(s) you want to sell. It can be 1, 2, 3…100 or even more! You also have the power to decide the price of your book. Remember, the more or merrier!

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Delivery the Books

Devise a plan of action with us in order to deliver your textbook(s) to the buyer(s). You don’t have to worry too much, we believe in Esprit de Corps!

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Get Paid

What a win-win situation we have here! Look at that smile on your wallet.


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Logistics Supported

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Nominal Fees Per transaction

Textnook helps you maintain low cost of ownership

Low cost of ownership

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Free shipping

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Pan India Delivery

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Secured Payments

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Rewards and referrals

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Verified Sellers

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